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aperitif- & desert wines "tonel" in a Douro Port-wine cellar
aging of Maury wine at Mas Amiel

In the South of France there is a long tradition of making wines from very ripe grapes, or - as is the case with the vins doux naturels - wines where alcohol is added to stop the fermentation process thus preserving the wine’s natural sugar. We tend to forget this type of wine today where everything that is slightly "rich" or alcoholic is suspect – what a mistake! We are losing this tradition and know-how.

There are some real treasures to rediscover here, dry or sweet, to savour in small glasses. For example the very dry Rancio wines of the Roussillon are the perfect aperitif wine, sublime with anchovies or charcuterie.

These wines are aged in the same way as sherry from Andalusia, such as those from Lustau, spending a long period in barrels under a protective layer of yeast. For sweet wines there are the Banyuls or Maury, Rivesaltes from the Roussillon, the Muscat de Lunel, not forgetting port…  A wide range of complex, subtle aromas, with an intense palate and incredible colours…

We offer them as an aperitif, or as a fitting accompaniment for the Auberge’s foie gras, or at the end of the meal, or sometimes a small glass of Rivesaltes makes a nice, light “liquid dessert”...  or - after coffee, and more powerful - a glass of Port.

the colours of PortPort cellar
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