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The 25 years of the Auberge

In spring 2017, the Auberge will exist a quarter of a century !

Born of a crush on this extraordinary place, it is a collective project involving 50 co-owners, giving new life to the former mansion of the Domaine de Cazeneuve. On april 11th 1992 "L'Auberge du Cèdre" opened for the first time, after a first renovation. Since then, every year, we take care of this beautiful house to accompany it in the XXI century and refine its sensitive and welcoming caracter.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Auberge, we will publish a book that will trace its particular story. You can take part: we are looking for photos, drawings, documents, anecdotes, testimonials, which will enrich this epic!

This can be sent in digital or paper form - we will return the documents if necessary.
If your document is published, we will mention its author unless otherwise stated, and will offer you a copy of the book. Please be specific about the context and the date, and send your full contact details.

So let your imagination roam!

Information & contact :

Françoise ANTONIN  -  FA@aubergeducedre.com  -  +33 467 59 02 02

L’AUBERGE DU CEDRE - maison d’hôtes | hôtel | restaurant à vin - Domaine de Cazeneuve - F 34270 Lauret - +33(0)467 590 202 - welcome@auberge-du-cedre.com