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the history of the Auberge

The Auberge du Cèdre was born following Olivier Antonin’s discovery in 1987 of this lovely,
empty old house, left to slumber for years, shortly after his friend, André Leenhardt,
purchased the agricultural part of the estate.

The purchase was finally concluded in 1989 by a group of two families and friends, organized
as an SCI (property investment company) of around fifty co-owners, with the aim of creating
an open house for getting together, training, working, relaxing...  

After three years of initial operation run by an association, in 1992 the SARL (limited company) Domaine de Cazeneuve took over the further development of the project, managed by
Françoise Antonin & Lutz Engelmann.

It was at this time that the house was adapted to its new role with the creation of bedrooms, bathroom facilities, restaurant & kitchen, and the name, L'Auberge du Cèdre, was found.
Two years later the swimming pool was built, and ever since, there have been renovations
every year to make the house more pleasant and easy to live in.

All profits have been reinvested both at the level of the SARL as well as at the level of the SCI owner. Part of the profits is distributed to employees with a profit-sharing agreement.

the house in 1987
work in progress...the drawing room in 1987the ancient water tank in the orangerythe orangery in 1987rooms 9-10 in 1987the pool 1994...restauration of the orangerythe future restaurant
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