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We believe that the good wines of the Languedoc, those great cuvées which have been elaborated with so much care and attention by the winemakers, are – for the most part – drunk much too young, and so have often not reached their full potential.

Of course, young, spirited wines bursting with fruit have their charm, and you will find several of these on our wine list. Personally, we are more attracted by what we call mature wines: these are wines that have been given the chance to age, which have matured during this very slow process, have become more complex, softer, finished, have acquired the aromas of maturity – just like a good cheese.

But patience is required to mature wines …  We started laying wines down in 1994,
in a vaulted, specially adapted and air conditioned cellar.

So today you can travel in time, taste mature wines at their peak, polished and finished by the magical effect that only time can bring.

These rare Languedoc vintages will convince you of the excellent ageing potential of the fine wines of our region!

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